This class is all about FUN! You will be learning the thriller dance routine as a group and then get the chance to dress up and perform the routine for local halloween dances / events. A great way to learn how to move your body in new unique ways, make new friends and get exercise. Join us for a scary good time!

First Class is Sept 29th from 7 to 8pm. This class will be only $5. You will get to learn a chunk of the choreography, get to know Jake (the instructor) and details about the performances will be announced. If you love it, you can join us for the full series and performances!
The choreography learning series will run on these dates:
Friday, Oct 6th 7 to 8pm
Wednesday, Oct 11th 7 to 8pm
Friday, Oct 20th 7 to 8pm
Friday, Oct 27th 7 to 8pm
Instructor: Jake Famme

Cost for the series is $48. Due on first day of series. Cash or check. Want your spot saved? Email us at - or call 503-804-5886
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First class is only $5
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Learn to dance with custom choreorgaphy for your special day. 
Learn how to lead and follow in a fun and friendly dance enviroment.
Test your skills and challenge yourself in heated competition.